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Retail's Time to Market

The aim of this project was to make an interactive version of the "time-to-market" quiz included in Forrester's European New Media Strategies Report, "Retail's Time-To-Market." The most obvious advantage to making this quiz interactive is adding a computer's ability of tallying results and delivering customized content accordingly.

Given our belief in making "dense" interfaces, we also added pop up windows that explained why these questions were relevant to the determination of the proper "time-to-market." The use of these pop ups allow the interface to become a teaching tool, so that people who do not know anything about the subject can learn about it, while experts can concentrate and generating quiz results.

Given Forrester's broad target audience, we were limited to use technology that would be backward compatible to Netscape Navigator 2.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. In the terms of this interface, the greatest limitation this posed was our inability to use DHTML features. Our original idea was to use DHTML so that the results and the action copy would be on the same page as the quiz. We believed this would encourage people to tinker and answer the questions in many different ways. Given the limitations, however, we had to use two different pages: one with the quiz and another with the results. Users could still try to answer the quiz in many different ways, but they had to go back and forth across multiple screens.

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