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ilr™ to sell information ...

Considering that people do not like to read on the web, how do companies selling information and statistics deliver their content on the web? Many choose to handle it like traditional media, a book or a brochure, by giving you the option to print, or offering the information to you through pdf formats. We at Twinn believe there is a better way. We have developed a methodology called Interactive Linked Representations™ (ilr™) that allows a user to directly interact with the information being delivered. Take a look at our demo of a Forrester concept called Technographics™. Instead of printing and reading the 15 page report that explains the concept, we have utilized our Interactive Linked Representations™ (ilr™) methodology to deliver the same information via a compact interface. The user can quickly identify the definition of each category within the model and also make visual comparisons of the data, all in real time.

Click on image to see the interface.